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In what’s affectionately become known as the “Wedding Wetting”, bride Patricia Andrews, groom Frank Fearon, and their wedding party of 27 attendants (13 bridesmaids and 14 groomsmen) took a plunge into Lake Lanier on Sautrday, May 18, after the dock breaks under the weight of the entire 29-person wedding party. “Thankfully this was after the ceremony!” writes videographer Aaron Chewning. He and his sister, Callie Chewning Murray of The Not Wedding and Achor & Eden photography were on hand to document the occasion. “Luckily the entire group had a sense of humor about the accident,” the team wrote in their YouTube post. “Everyone got dried off and the reception went on to be one of the best celebrations to date. Only minor injuries and a lot of wet iPhone 5’s. A fractured humorous, was the only thing not humorous about this.”

Watch the “Wedding Wetting” here. We wish Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fearon the best of luck, and much grace, in their future endeavors!