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Lauraine spread the love at brunch on Sunday tipping her server the amount they spent.

This week is a milestone for Southern lady, Lauraine Frank. Her 30th birthday is on Saturday, July 20, and it’s a day she thought she might not get to see. At only 29, Lauraine has beaten cancer four times in the past decade. In celebration of her 30th year of life, Lauraine is participating in 30 random acts of kindness (RAOK) over the next few days leading up to her birthday. She’s asked for her friends, and others within the sphere of social media, to join her in her quest to make the world a happier place. 

“I’ve always believed in spreading positivity, happiness, and laughter to the people around me. When I was diagnosed with cancer at age 21, and then relapsed three times over the past eight years, it was vital that I remained optimistic and hopeful for a cancer-free future,” Lauraine said.

Tracy Jonson Manning’s son Daulton was standing in line at Target and he asked the cashier what her favorite candy was, then bought her one!

“Now almost a year past my stem cell transplant, I am healthy and able to thank everyone for the love and positivity shown to me in my times of need. Instead of paying it back, I have decided to pay it forward by performing 30 random acts of kindness in honor of my approaching 30th birthday. I’ve asked my friends to join me by doing their own act of kindness, and together we can do a little bit to make our world better. Even if it’s just one small act for one person, it makes a difference.”

A few examples include cooking a meal for someone, let someone in front of you in a line, giving a homeless person $1, helping someone take groceries out to their car, bringing some canned goods to a food bank, leave a “You’re awesome!” note on a car, or buy the person’s Starbucks behind you.

To join Lauraine’s Spread The Love Birthweek Challenge, join her Facebook event and see updates throughout Lauraine’s birthday week. You can also follow worldwide RAOKs using the hashtag #spreadthelove. Here are a few RAOKs courtesy of Lauraine and her amazing friends.

From “On our way home from baseball in Dalton, we stopped in this tiny bait shop for a bottled Coke and found ice cream. We overheard the guy in front of me who was paying for his cone by card but there was a limit. He was trying to find cash so bought his cone too and told him about my friend Lauraine. He thanked me and when I said ‘It’s my pleasure, just pay it forward,” he said “I sure do…and I will.”