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I recently found Lauren’s piece “Love The South” and wanted to try something in a similar fashion myself. So I thought, what better way to kick off my senior year at Virginia Tech than a tribute to the place I’ve spent the last three years of my life, and where a final year awaits

And so I present to y’all my profession of undying love to Hokie Land, “Love VT.”


A lovely rainbow over Upper Quad

Love VT for its pure and simple beauty. You won’t find Hokie Stone on any other campus in the country. Every day brings something new and beautiful. I’ve woken up to rainbows over the drill field and snow dusting the pylons and War Memorial Chapel. Blacksburg has all four seasons, and sometimes we see all four within 24 hours. It’s part of the joy of being nestled in the mountains. And yes, campus does resemble Hogwarts.

Love VT for its academics. We’re consistently ranked in the nation’s top 100 colleges by US News. Our engineering and architecture programs always make an appearance in the national rankings, too. We value research and make it part of every discipline. Professors never hesitate to help students achieve their goals, and students are happy to ask professors for their help when needed. Our 16:1 student-to-professor ratio makes getting to know professors easy and beneficial.

Love VT for its colors. I firmly believe that Hokies are the only people in the world who can pull off the maroon and orange combo and look this good. We take pride in our unique color palette. Not only do members of Hokie Nation sport them proudly, but campus itself wears the colors in the fall. From September through November, the leaves on the trees are tiedyed maroon and orange, in perfect time for football season. If God’s not a Hokie, then why do the leaves turn maroon and orange in the fall?

Love VT for its athletics. VT is home to 17 varsity teams, and we love them all. You’ll find me at every home football and basketball game, and exploring our baseball, softball and tennis teams in the spring. And speaking of football, we proudly hold four ACC Championship banners: 2004, 2007, 2008 and 2010. Every Saturday in the fall, 66,233 students and fans gather in Lane Stadium to give a “Hokie, Hokie, Hokie Hi” and cheer on our team. “Enter, Sandman” is our anthem. We win by the grace of the Lunch Pail and fear-inducing Beamer Ball, and if I may be Frank, there are two seasons in Blacksburg: football and the offseason.

On Oct. 8, 2011, the town of Blacksburg registered a 4.3 on the Richter scale because we went crazy in Lane Stadium after a thrilling fourth-quarter victory over Miami. I still get chills whenever I think about that game.

Love VT for its food. No, seriously, we’re ranked #1 in the country for best campus food. Start your day with a Hokie Blend coffee from Deet’s Place, and it’s guaranteed to be a pretty fantastic day. Pay a visit to Turner Place at lunchtime and look at the line for the Hibachi grill. If you’re into lighter fare, give a Fantastic Frank sandwich from Owens a try. Drop by West End around 5:30 pm and see the number of people in line for a tender steak, juicy lobster tail, or Hokie Planks. End your day with a scoop of gelato from Dolci Café, and be glad you can walk (some of) it off on your way to your car or dorm.

Love VT for our Corps of Cadets. As I mentioned in my previous Corps piece, having them on campus is special in more ways than one. From New Cadet Week in the fall to turning and change of command in the spring, and from Skipper to the Corps vs. Civilian snowball fight, the Cadets hold a place in every Hokie’s heart.

The Marching Virginians perform during halftime at a football game.

Love VT for our spirit. A “let’s go” is always followed by a chorus of “Hokies!” Everyone smiles and lends a hand whenever the opportunity arises. We live up to our motto, “Ut Prosim,” each and every day. The Highty Tighties and the Marching Virginians, “the Spirit of Tech,” provide the soundtrack, and everyone sings along.  We are loaded with spirit, and we’ll gladly share it with anyone who visits.


Love VT for the tradition. Skipper. Old Hokie. Ring Dance. Snowball fights on the drill field. Tech Triumph and VPI Victory March. Academic excellence. And the coolest mascot in the world.

Love VT.

hokiebird-238x238Kate Robertson is a features writer for Pretty Southern, and a rising senior at Virginia Tech, studying communication and English. Originally form Atlanta, Kate plans to graduate in 2014 to launch a professional career in writing and public relations. Follow her on Twitter @kate3robertson.