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The management team at East Andrews in the heart of the Buckhead bar scene has taken their massive complex and transformed it into several fabulous creative concepts. In one shared space, y’all have Cellar 56, East Andrews Upstairs, Prohibition, Stout, Czar Ice Bar, the Improv Comedy Club, and now Stillhouse. It’s a welcome addition to the scene serving up custom moonshine cocktails which pack a punch in the most delicious way, followed by a Southern-inspired menu to soak it all up.

The best moonshine cocktails in Atlanta

The best moonshine cocktails in Atlanta

Pretty Southern and our pal at Kitchen Causual, Katy Deluca Lucey, were privileged to attend recent media tasting at Stillhouse. We sat at the bar where our bartender Nicholas Bustos took excellent care of us. He kicked up a Carolina Mule by adding some fall inspiration with apple pie moonshine, ginger beer, peach bitters, and lime juice. It was the best way to serve moonshine! After ordering a round of drinks, it was time for the food. The menu at Stillhouse aims to please.

Appetizers include devilled eggs, fried green tomatoes, crab cakes, pimento cheese, or mussels swimming in a moonshine-based broth. Burgers are the main focus of the menu, and goodness they are so good. A “Classic” burger includes two beef patties, cheddar cheese and bacon. The PB & J comes with the standard two patties plus a peanut humus, fig jam, a slice of peach, then the bun is topped with bleu cheese and pecans.

Bring your appetite! Featuring the PB & J burger, mac 'n cheese, and gouda fries.

Bring your appetite! Featuring the PB & J burger, mac ‘n cheese, and gouda fries, plus regular or spicy ketchup.

As an homage to its neighborhood, the Buckhead burger is topped with duck confit, goat cheese, spinach, beets and a green tomato relish. Other menu high lights include burgers featuring crab cakes, black-eyed pea patties (for the vegetarians), fried oysters or the Augusta burger which is topped with pulled pork. For side dishes, sample the fries drizzled with gouda, mac ‘n cheese, cole slaw, or bacon-creamed corn.

For dessert, there’s an amazing assortment to choose from, including Krispy Kreme bread pudding, coconut cream pie, or flourless chocolate cake. But y’all have to save room for more drinks, as Stillhouse also serves up a bevy of housemade moonshine infusions. Ask for a sample of the Strawberry Basil, or try the crazy flavor of the Vidalia Onion & Jalapeno (which as Katy pointed out would be great for a moonshine Bloody Mary). There’s also smoke-infused cocktails, a custom creation from bartender Alec Dunlop.

For more information about Stillhouse, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.