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We’re trying something new, y’all. A dear friend and reader has offered to share her stories of dating in Atlanta. These will be anonymous, and names have been changed to protect the integrity of these Southern singles. We hope you enjoy reading the escapades of “Lindsay Spartacus”.

Story #1: The Facebook stalking mom
I went on a few dates with this boy, we’ll call him Brett. Somewhere along the line, my name was mentioned and somehow his mother remembered. So Brett was getting ready to go out of the country on vacation in Europe for a few weeks, and that coming weekend, I had a wedding to attend. He told me his parents would coincidentally be attending as well (the Atlanta Jewish community is tight). I never had a run in with the parents, and even if I did I wouldn’t have known it. The following week, Brett returns from his Euro trip and takes his mom to lunch. I get a call afterwards from Brett that his mother was asking if the Lindsay girl had a last name similar to Sporting. He replied “you mean Spartacus” and immediately she said yes! Dumbfounded, he asked her how she knew that. Mom apparently saw some photos on Facebook of me from the wedding, said I looked like a pretty girl, and also knew a bit about my work history.

What do you think, reader? Did this mama achieve Facebook stalking status?