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Matt Foster with a group of his students in Cedartown, Ga.

Matt Foster with a group of his students in Cedartown, Ga.

Congratulations to Matt Foster! He was elected to the Cedartown City Commission this week. We’re so proud of our fellow Georgia Bulldog and UGA at Oxford alumni for his amazing accomplishment. Foster was named to one of three available spots — along with Jordan Hubbard and Larry Odom — joining current commissioners Gary Martin and Dale Tuck.

So what does the newest Cedartown City Commissioner have in store for his fair city? Pretty Southern caught up with Georgia’s newest local politician to find out his next steps.

“The first thing on my list is to meet with current commissioners and the city manager to see where we stand financially,” Foster explained. “I’d like to see if there are things where we’re spending money but not getting a great ROI that can be cut or phased out, while also attracting more outside business to bring in more jobs and also widen the tax base…basically working with my fellow commissioners to make sure where we spend money, we’re getting the taxpayers the biggest bang for their buck.”

We’ll be sure to provide updates as Foster settles into his new role as City Commissioner of Cedartown!