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Are you stocking up on books for the summer? We’ve got your new beach read – The Idea of Him by Holly Peterson. She’s the author of The N.Y. Times best-seller The Manny, kickass journalist, mom extraordinaire, and even an avid surfer.

I recently caught up with Miss Holly at the fabulous W Atlanta-Midotwn where we sipped “Idea-tinis” and talked about her writing, love life, and The Idea of Him. Her latest novel “explores the dangers of falling for the idea of a person, and why facing reality is more liberating than we ever dreamed it could be.”

“For anyone who’s let the fear of being alone keep them from seeing who someone really is, The Idea of Him is an inspiring story of what happens when we embrace our own power and allow the truth to finally set us free,” Holly explained. She went on to tell me about a list she created, after her own divorce, which she considers the 10 questions a woman should ask herself to see if she is really in love with a man.

Here’s Holly’s list of the 10 Questions to ask yourself if you’re in love, or in love with the idea of him.

  1. Do you want to hang out alone or are you always seeking other people for everything you do together?
  2. Do you want to talk before and after sex?
  3. Is sex more of a duty or agenda than something you actually enjoy?
  4. Do you want to binge on the next Netflix series together?
  5. Would you “Netflix cheat” and watch an episode and not feel guilty?
  6. Do you make each other laugh?
  7. Are your parents more excited about your union than you are?
  8. Do you have a knowing, sinking feeling that something isn’t right and you could find better, but you’re too scared to be on your own?
  9. Do most of your friends not get along with him?
  10. Is he better on paper than sitting across the dinner table from you?

Click here to purchase The Idea of Him and be sure to keep up with Holly on her blog, Twitter and Facebook!