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Polaris Atlanta

Polaris reflected in a downtown Atlanta skyscraper.

Pretty Southern was privileged to take a sneak peak inside Polaris – now spinning above Downtown Atlanta. Upon entering the Hyatt Regency, you’ll find a private elevator to whisk you up 22 stories to Polaris. Back in his prime, Jim Morrison partied at Polaris and likened the experience to flying in “Victorian Rocket Ships”. Polaris first opened in 1967 and closed in 2004. After 10 years sitting dormant, and millions of dollars in renovations the blue dome is now shining over downtown Atlanta beckoning the city’s upwardly mobile. The 25th-story revolving restaurant, which makes a full rotation every 45 minutes, offers fantastic views of the north Georgia terrain with viewpoints of both Kennesaw and Stone Mountain.

The "library" area at Polaris Atlanta

The “library” area at Polaris Atlanta.

One aspect we liked the most about the redesign is how Polaris is staged into various “rooms”. For example an open kitchen glittering in stainless steel faces the opulent bar, adjacent to the library, living room, and dining room areas with plush couches, high-backed chairs, and long banquet tables.

Fun fact: while many assume the Sun Dial is Atlanta’s token rotating restaurant, both projects were the brain child of Atlanta architect John C. Portman, Jr. The Sun Dial would open in 1977, a decade later than Polaris. “In its day, Polaris was a symbol of Atlanta’s tremendous cultural and economic growth,” said Peter McMahon, the Hyatt’s general manager, said in an official media release. “Now Polaris is coming back as the city is buzzing with new projects, revived neighborhoods and unprecedented tourism.”

Seriously y’all, if Don Draper visited Atlanta then this is where he would come for cocktails. Here are few pictures from our #PolarisPreview

peach daiquiri

Peach daiquiris were an original signature cocktail.

The Polaris parfait!

The Polaris parfait!

The menu sampling. #nomnomnom

The menu sampling. #nomnomnom

Seared Rockhind with black rice, crisp vegetables, finger limes

Seared Rockhind with black rice, crisp vegetables.

Spotted Trotter Rabbit Crepinette

Spotted Trotter Rabbit Crepinette,
Morel risotto, sage glaze

polaris kitchen

The gorgeous, modern kitchen offers guests a glimpse at the magic.

For more information about Polaris, check out this stellar restaurant on Facebook and Twitter.

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