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Honey honey music

Miss Katy Ruth Camp recently introduced me to the music of Honey Honey. Now this is some Pretty Southern music, especially the lyrics to “Thin Line”.

‘Cause I want whiskey when I’m sick
And a man when I’m well
But it’s nice to have them both sometimes
When I feel like raising hell

So don’t try and save me
I’ll be just fine
I’m getting used to walking on a thin line

Some days I try hard
To watch my mouth
To say the right things
But the wrong just slip right out

Oh, I ain’t no Southern belle
No Georgia peach
I guess all my good graces are too far out of reach

Here’s a bit more about Honey Honey band from their website.


“With fiddles threading the melodies, big acoustic guitar sounds and banjos plinking as percussively as melodically, there is an old world feel to honeyhoney that is as fresh and right now as it is tube radios and old lace. And it is the disparity of how the two came up and came together that informs honeyhoney with their singularity of sound. Meandering through unique paths, converging in Los Angeles where everyone is chasing something, and finally recognizing the chemistry they shared is no mean feat. Evoking California’s hippie Dust Bowl fringe, equal parts Okie squalor and Pacific shimmer, there is a strong pull of Woody Guthrie-esque folk, vintage Buffalo Springfield, glints of Gram Parsons and bits of Bonnie Raitt’s early blues, Rickie Lee Jones reality and Bakerfsfield Saturday nights. Not country, not folk, not rock, it is a hybrid that defies exact definition.”

On Friday, June 27, Honey Honey will sweeten up Atlanta at The Masquerade. Click here for tickets, plus follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and watch Honey Honey band perform “Thin Line” below.