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Lauren Patrick

Lauren Patrick, Editor, and
Marketing Content Manager for Urjanet

Tech Cocktail recently commented on Banana Republic’s “Startup Guy” line as it was “largely mocked by the startup community itself. The exclusion of a ‘Startup Woman/Girl’ line further pushed the message that the industry is one in which men continue to dominate. It was a complete disregard to all the women founders, programmers, designers, and others who live and breathe startups.”

Reporter Ronald Barba put a request on HARO (that’s Help A Reporter Out) for startup women to share what they wear to work, and Tech Cocktail featured yours truly at Pretty Southern! When I’m not blogging about all the fun things happening in the South, I’m helping tech startups in Atlanta with their digital communications and marketing content. Click here to read the full story featuring styles from startup women.

Here’s my two cents about my startup girl meets Pretty Southern style.

“I’ve been in the startup world for two years, but I previously worked for big corporations with a strict dress code. My closet is a mix of dress-to-impress with the ubiquitous American Apparel t-shirts. In addition to running MarComm for Urjanet, I run the blog so my work attire needs to be ready for any event in Atlanta – whether it’s to meet up for beers with the developers or a restaurant tasting for Pretty Southern. It seems like on the days I dress down, I end up having to run home to change!” – Lauren Patrick, Marketing Content Manager for Urjanet