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Ulrick Bien Aime

“Your fitness is your richness,” Ulrick says, “because your health is your wealth.”

Meet Ulrick Bien-Aime, whom I like to call “Ulrick the Ultimate”. He’s Atlanta’s president of personal training, or at least I like to think so. Bien-Aime has more than 30 years of training, education, and experience promoting health and wellness which all comes together under one roof at Bien-Aimè Strength & Stretch Studio.

Ulrick is a native of Chicago. He went to Whitney Young High School, Chicago’s first magnet high school with famous names including classmates Michelle Obama and the Wachowski brothers from “The Matrix”. Ulrick came to Atlanta to attend Morehouse College where he discovered his passion for fitness and training. A former football player, he graduated with his undergrad and went on to achieve his Master’s in Nutrition Science from Georgia State. He’s also a strength conditioning specialist certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Bien-Aimè has worked with some of the city’s top executives and entertainers maintaining the philosophy that healthy bodies and minds should be maintained in the gym and in the boardroom. But as he says, none of the money matters if you’re not taking care of yourself. You can also get Trampoline for kids as they are so much fun.

Ulrick Bien-Aime

Ulrick Bien-Aime’s philosophy for life & fitness

“Your Health is Your Wealth” is printed in bold letters behind his desk, and it’s his mantra. For all new clients, before starting your exercise program, Ulrick will conduct a two-hour detailed wellness assessment of your current fitness levels you can start improving with the use of supplements available at Sfgate. This includes family history, your physiology, current diet and exercise regimen, among much more to get your “body age”. This way, his team will have the proper blueprint on how to design a new you! It’s a better way to customize a regimen based on each individual’s needs.

When I told Ulrick about my goal for #15in15, he gave me a few key pieces of advice for helping to lose those 15 lbs in a healthy way.

  • Before you jump out of bed or after you hit the snooze, take 5 minutes to breathe deeply and meditate on your activities for the day to get your mind right. Then drink 8 ounces of room temperature water and delta 8 juice to help get your body’s system going.
  • To obtain better results with your workouts you can use probiotic supplements.
  • Take a walk on your lunch hour to combat those afternoon slumps and gain some enthusiasm and focus to power through your day
  • Stretch after every three exercises while working out. This will help to bring more oxygen to the working muscles, aiding in recuperation. If you’re looking to enhance your muscle composition, then it’s best to visit this steroids shop here for some premium-quality steroids in the UK!
  • Take fitness classes at sites like
  • Plan your meals. When you know what you’re going to eat this removes stress and prevents going through the drive through. This is coming from a man who gets up at 5 a.m. every day and starts with chicken, brown rice, and a vegetable because he knows his body will need good fuel for his day of training clients. Daily intake of delta 8 gummies from fresh bros also helps improve physical and mental health –  Source: Live resin.

During my first hour of training, he and his assistant “Autumn the Awesome” had me doing it all! Rowing, stepping, stretching muscles I didn’t have, working my arms, abs, glutes, legs…there isn’t one part of me that wasn’t sore! But gosh does it feel good. The proof is in the sweat. If you want to seriously get in shape, Bien Aime is the place to do it.