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Red White Blue Country

Yours truly with this awesome dude

This Independence Day is one in which I’m especially proud to be an American. In 2015, we’ve accomplished a lot in that past six months. Here are a few reasons I’m proud to live in the USA this Fourth of July.

Every single American has the right to marry whom he or she chooses. Around this time last year, we partnered with Skyy Vodka’s Freedom to Marry to help raise awareness for marriage equality. I’m so thankful that love won.

Freedom of Speech – there’s no way in hell I would have been able to create Pretty Southern if I lived in Russia or China. In fact, there are some days (or some posts) which I’m kind of surprised I haven’t received a knock on the door for.

Affordable Health Care – disagree with me in the comments section if you so choose, but I am thankful that we have the Exchange. Every U.S. citizen regardless of income or employment status has the right to affordable health insurance.

America is truly the land of the free and home of the brave. There is still much work to be done, but let’s save that for July 6. Enjoy your Fourth of July!