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Marcel steakhouse Atlanta Ford Fry

Well, I’m probably going to have to re-do my list of the Top 10 Atlanta Steakhouses now that Ford Fry is on the scene. Marcel opened in Atlanta’s ever-evolving Westside in July. The menu is classic steakhouse meets French bistro. (you can preview the menu here).

“Marcel is an ode to when times and tastes were simpler; I think we all miss that,” owner & proprietor Ford Frt said. “The entire menu is truly classic — no modern-day innovation. My chef team has a strong desire to cook food that makes us lay back and smile.”

Marcel’s home across the bridge from JCT Kitchen was previously home to Ann Quatrano’s Abbatoir. “The Westside of Atlanta doesn’t have a steakhouse, so we thought why not put our own spin on it?” Ford said. “Atlanta is full of classic American steakhouses, so we are taking a slightly different angle, and taking inspiration from steakhouses of the past, making things all about celebration and simple, great meat cooked over wood along with classic cocktails.”

Fry’s renowned team behind his Rocket Farm Restaurant concepts — including JCT Kitchen, No. 246, The Optimist, King & Duke, St. Cecilia, Supernica, and El Felix — has stepped up to the plate. Chef Brian Horn of JCT Kitchen is leading the charge at Marcel, with pastry chef Chrysta Poulos on desserts, and a stellar cocktail menu concocted by Lara Creasy.

My goodness y’all, I’m drooling over these delicious photos by Andrew Thomas Lee.

Marcel steakhouse Atlanta Ford Fry Caesar Salad

Let’s start off with a Caesar Salad prepared table-side, followed by a round Oysters of Bienville at Marcel Atlanta.

Oysters Bienville  Marcel Atlanta Ford Fry

Ford Fry certainly knows how to whet our appetites. Next up is a Foie Gras and Fig Terrine.

Foie Gras and Fig Terrine at Marcel Atlanta Ford Fry

For your main course, how about Steak L’Entrecote?

Steak frites Marcel Atlanta Ford Fry Atlanta

For more information about Marcel, check out their website, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter. If you’ve already been, we’d love to know your favorite entrees!