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I’ll admit it – I love BuzzFeed. I’m a sucker for the creative lists with funny .gifs. Sure, the journalistic integrity of the subject matter is debatable, but the content is still funny y’all.

So a hot minute ago, my sister and her boyfriend came over on a Friday night, and after a few glasses of wine the boyfriend asks me “So have you seen the video of non-Southern people drinking bourbon for this first time?”

“Why no!” I replied. We popped up the iPad, poured another round, and had an outright giggle fest. After further review, I learned this video wasn’t in fact by BuzzFeed. It’s still hilarious though.

So after a bit of research (and a lot of laughs) watching BuzzFeed’s Taste Test series available on YouTube, I present to you the 5 best BuzzFeed Videos About the South.

Americans Try Southern Food For The First Time.

“I think all Southern food tastes like it’s prepared with love.” Damn right, son.

People Try Moonshine For The First Time

“That sounds like some college level shit right here.”

Problems Only Southerners Understand

That moment when you ask for sweet tea at a Yankee restaurant (sigh).

7 Things You Learn When You Fall In Love With A Southerner

“Bless his heart.”

Southern BBQ Taste Test Showdown

Now, from a girl who was raised by parents who were born and bred in North Carolina, I was very pleased to see they distinguished between the two very different types of “Carolina” style BBQ. I’ve never had the Burnt Ends in Kansas City sauce, so I gotta get me some of that.

What are some of your favorite moments from BuzzFeed’s videos about the South?