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There are a few splashy new attractions at the Georgia Aquarium.

AT&T Dolphin Show Georgia Aquarium

It’s hard to believe the Georgia Aquarium is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

“We are so excited to officially open our new sea lion gallery and premiere our new dolphin presentation to the public today,” said chief operating officer and executive vice president of Georgia Aquarium, Joe Handy. “We’re celebrating not only the past ten years and the amazing achievements that we have accomplished, but the next ten years and all that lies ahead. We hope everyone comes out and is inspired by all the new and wonderful things at Georgia Aquarium this year.”

Georgia Aquarium Sea Lion

Guests can enjoy watching sea lions splash about at the new SunTrust Pier 225, while learning more about these social marine mammals as their trainers interact with them. This new exhibit will educate guests on the dangers they face in the wild and key environmental factors that impact them. Georgia Aquarium currently has four sea lions that were rescued from last year’s Unusual Mortality Event (UME), where record numbers of sea lion pups are stranding on California beaches in search of food.

Say it with me now y’all, “Awww!” Those are sweet sea lions!

Georgia Aquairum Sea Lion Pups

It’s great to see the Georgia Aquarium doing its part to help take in stranded sea lion pups.

Sea Lion Pups Georgia Aquarium

In addition to the sea lions, the newest residents at the Georgia Aquarium include dolphins!

AT&T Dolphin Celebration_532

The AT&T Dolphin Celebration presentation is a high energy, fun, and exciting experience.

Georgia Aquarium Dolphin Celebration

While showing the relationships they create with their trainers, guests will learn more about bottlenose dolphins through a variety of new behaviors.

AT&T Dolphin Celebration Georgia Aquairum

For more information about the Georgia Aquarium, check out their website including times and exhbit openings, plus follow Georgia Aquarium on Facebook and Twitter.