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I’m absolutely obsessed with the food scene in Chattanooga. There are so many amazing places in town to find good eats and a good time.

One of the best parts of the food scene is all of the awesome Happy Hour spots in town. It’s nice to drop in for a drink after a long day at work, or to kick off a fun night on the weekend. Or just to go try something new. These places take the phrase, “Why limit happy to just one hour?” to heart.

Here are 7 awesome Happy Hour spots in downtown Chattanooga!

There are more awesome drink spots in town, of course, but I am a repeat offender at most, if not all of these.

Flying Squirrel

Sure it has a funny name, but the drink specials are fantastic. Flying Squirrel offers Happy Hour deals from 5-10pm every day of the week (except Mondays, they’re closed then).  I’m a huge fan of half-price wine on Tuesdays, $5 select cocktails on Saturdays and mimosa carafes for Sunday brunch ($3.5 for a regular mimosa). Other nightly specials include Whiskey Wednesdays, $3 pints on Thursdays and 25% off bottled beer on Fridays.

mint julepSTIR

STIR has only been open since November, but it’s quickly become one of the cutest spots in town. Its artisanal ice and vintage ice shaver set STIR apart from other popular restaurants. The ice is made from purified water and frozen from the inside out; this way, the ice melts slower and your drink won’t water down so fast. They even have a designated ice chef!

STIR offers Happy Hour from 4:00 – 6:30, Monday through Friday. Each week they feature a craft cocktail, and that cocktail is $7 during Happy Hour. If cocktails aren’t your thing, draft beer is $4 and wine by the glass is $2 off the regular price. If you want to munch with your drink, tacos and sliders are $1.50 each and oysters are $1.

FEED Co. Table & Tavern

While FEED Co. doesn’t have “traditional” Happy Hour specials, each day of the week has special features and great deals on drinks. Tuesdays are pint nights with $3.50 pints from a select brewery. On Wednesdays, ladies can enjoy $3 glasses of house pinot grigio and pinot noir (woo Ladies’ Night!). Come by on Thursdays for live music and a special craft cocktail, curated by FEED Co.’s talented bartenders. There’s some kind of entertainment each night, ranging from live music to trivia.

P.S. It may not always be part of craft cocktail night, but I recommend the “Sloshed Housewife” drink.

Beast Burger & fries from Beast + BarrelBeast + Barrel

I stopped by this spot for the first time a few weekends ago, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been there before. Beast + Barrel is one such spot that offers Happy Hour specials every day of the week, from 3:00 – 6:00pm. Their menu offers $3, $4, $5 and $6 selections for eating, drinking and snacking. I loved the Braveheart Burger Sliders and Roasted Pineapple Caipirinha (with an actual piece of roasted pineapple garnish), and for only $12, I could love that every day. I may or may not have gone back the following weekend.

Community Pie

I love every place on this list, but I probably frequent this place more than any other spot mentioned. That’s mostly because it’s super convenient to my office, but also because the people who work there are amazing and the pizza is great.

Stop in Community Pie Monday through Friday from 3:00 – 6:00pm and get a mug of beer for the price of a pint. With 40 taps, there’s a brew for even the pickiest beer drinker (like me). On Saturdays, swing in for $3 sangria ($7.50 for a carafe), grab a seat at the outside-facing bar and people-watch around Miller Plaza. There’s always something going on.

The Social
social-p-cheeseThis was one of the first spots I checked out when I moved to Chattanooga last summer. The Social is part of Public House, located in Warehouse Row, and is the “bar” part of the restaurant. It shares a kitchen with Public House, so the menus share many of the same items. Drink specials vary night to night, but Cocktail Hour happens Monday through Friday, with $2 off menu cocktails, $5 glasses of wine, $4 premium well drinks and more. Along with their drink specials, bar small plates are $5 each during Happy Hour (5pm to close, most days). I recommend the pimiento cheese here, too.


Blackberry Rum Runner from FIVE

Another spot that believes in every day Happy Hours! Praise! Swing by FIVE from 4-6pm to enjoy $5 wine, half-off well liquors, wine and beer, $5 signature cocktails and $5 snacks. Cocktails rotate week by week, but if you catch the Blackberry Rum Runner on the menu, don’t pass on it. It’s delicious.

 There’s no shortage of places to grab a cocktail and snack in downtown Chattanooga. Swing by any of these awesome spots next time you’re in town and see what they’re all about!

A version of this post originally appeared on Kate’s blog, A Thought and a Half.