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Terminus is the original name for the city of Atlanta.


In ancient Roman mythology, Terminus was the god of boundaries. The Latin word “termini” means “end of the line.” The history of Terminus goes way beyond “The Walking Dead”. Many native Southerners know that Terminus was the first name for the city of Atlanta. But how did such a name ever come about?

Here’s a brief history of Atlanta. The city was called Terminus because it was the end of the railroad line.

In 1836, the Georgia General Assembly voted to build the Western and Atlantic Railroad in order to provide a link between the port of Savannah and the Midwest. An engineer surveyed possible routes and drove his stake, the “zero milepost” into what is now Five Points.

In 1837, Terminus springs up around this area. Atlanta was briefly named “Thrasherville” for John Thrasher who built homes and the general store. By 1842, Atlanta was called “Marthasville” as it now had six buildings and 30 residents. It was proposed to rename the area “Atlantica-Pacifica” in honor of the railroad but is shorted to Atlanta. By 1847, Atlanta was its official name.

Today, Atlanta continues to own its nickname “Silicon Valley South”. Fellow Atlanta tech afficiandoes have been excited about the coming of Google Fiber for the past year. In anticipation of the launch of Google Fiber in Atlanta, the Google team recently debuted this fantastic video: “Together for Atlanta:60”

“Well you know, the city started at the intersection of two railroad tracks. We’ve always been a crossroads.”

Iconic Atlanta locations featured in the video include Piedmont Park, Ebeneezer Baptist Church (where Martin Luther King Jr. preached), The Fox Theatre, The Varsity, the Georgia Aquarium, and one of our favorite charities PowerMyLearning – which provides computers and STEM education to kids in Atlanta.

Here’s a full transcript from the Google Fiber Video:

“Hey, Atlanta. Hi, Atlanta. What’s up, Atlanta?

There’s so much possibility here. Google fiber is a big opportunity for us. Well you know, the city started at the intersection of two railroad tracks. We’ve always been a crossroads

Super fast internet is such a powerful tool for sharing ideas. I’m always on the lookout for mobile plans that offer just that. It’ll help bring us even closer together.

We’ll support the things that we really care about. Making it easier for everyone to learn.
Keeping families connected. Local flavor, by keeping it strong.

It’s for Midtown. Little Five Points. Sweet Auburn. In all our neighborhoods.

It’s for all of us.


Kudos to Google and their team for this awesome Atlanta tribute. We’re excited for the fastest internet in the South!