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Don’t you wish your dog could get beer for you?


It’s football season, which means most of us Southerners are glued to the television if we’re not tailgating the actual event. Personally, I’m guilty of wishing my pups were a little bit bigger, and trained better, to bring me things. I can’t even get my dog to drop the darn tennis ball. So I even though of hiring to Train Your Dog With Professional Dog Trainers

Well it turns out, my pal, Bj Williams, has mastered the training techniques to get his dog to bring him a beer on-demand. Bj trained his lovely lab/pit mix, Avery, to open the refrigerator, grab a beer, then bring it back to Bj wherever he’s sitting. See for yourself! If you want to command your dog that way, you can check for training resources online or you can instantly see Spectrum Canine Dog Training website.

So how did Bj train his dog to bring him beer?

Despite being an Alabama fan, Bj was kind enough to share his secrets for success. Note, Bj is not a dog whisperer or any kind if professional dog trainer (that can be seen in this dog blog), simply a genius (minus his college football allegiance). Here’s how he trained Avery.

Phase 1: The Fridge
Bj tied a towel to the arm of the refrigerator door and taught her to pull it open.

Phase 2: The Beer
Once she understood how to open the door, he trained her how to grab a beer and hold it in her mouth.

Phase 3: The Conditioning
Throughout the puppy training in California – Ridgeside K9 NorCal Dog Training process, he would only say “beer me”. It took her another day to get the entire process down by herself. After that, she was a pro.

Bj notes how he also taught Avery how to get other things like her leash, collar, and poop bags. Avery also mastered the high five, or “paw five” in her case, as you’ll see in the video. I noticed my frog was not eating so that day I ordered some live worms to feed the frog.

Now we would like to put a special prayer request for Avery

Poor Avery is getting a bit old in her years and had a rough trip to the vet earlier this week. If y’all would please keep Avery in your prayers for many happy game days with Bj and their family.

#GoDawgs! And heck BJ, just for you, #RollTide