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Dear 8lb, 9oz, tiny absentee manager in the manger,

Little leader, we’re coming to you today with a different sorta prayer.

While of course our eyes are always set on the W, we need a little TLC for our boys this week, Jesus. It’s been three weeks of straight whoopins, the last one only slightly less terrible than this week’s Walking Dead.

This week, our Dawgs are headed down to the Biggest’ Cocktail Party of the year, small Lord. While I’m always thankful not to be in that dang swamp, I’m as nervous about this game as I could be.

Florida Gator Hate

Then I realized, it doesn’t really matter (ok, yes it does, PLEASE JESUS SAVE THE SEASON) because we are the Bulldog Nation. And that means something’ more than the outcome of this or any game. And it’s something we all have to summon and to hold on to, tight, right now, while it’s hard.

Bulldogs remember the first time we set foot in Heaven, Jesus.

On Earth, we call it Athens. And we remember marching miles in heels, hammered, calling out about who’s coming down the track. And we remember our first tailgate on North Campus, and how we were darn sure we’d never find a better place to call home. The moment you know you’re a Georgia Bulldog, Jesus, you are forever changed.

We remember our first trip to Jacksonville. If you’re me, on a bus with ALL of the drunk fraternity boys, some of whom are still my most favorite people on the planet. We remember being so wasted before a night game against Auburn that we were sure we’d never make it, but we did. We think about the moment when everyone realizes you’re going to win a too-close game against Tennessee and you hug a complete stranger in the stands. In that moment, you understand why we call it the Bulldog Nation.

We reflect on the players we have loved along the years! And some we love less now, David Pollock, you filthy traitor!


When you’re a Bulldog, the sound of Larry Munson’s voice does somethin’ to you.  Standing in Sanford Stadium on a perfect Saturday afternoon in Fall is better than the best thing you can think of. And the song leading us into the 4th sometimes makes us choked up, but we just pretend our bleary eyes are drunk, because there’s no crying in football.

But there is. Our ever-stoic fans are shedding tears this season, Jesus! When things like last week happen, and the week before, and all of the weeks where the Bulldogs fall, you feel it! And your heart hurts. You worry for your team, not a National title. (Ok, a National title a little, but go with me on this, Jesus.) Georgia Bulldogs everywhere are worried, Jesus, and we need your help!

Watch over us today, lordlet. Loran said it best all those years ago when he said Larry would love this team’s heart. I believe Larry is up there with you, Jesus, so maybe you could talk to him some about why this year’s Georgia team is so incredibly special. Keep it safe! And if in the interim we could whoop some Gator tails, that would also be muchly appreciated.

In your we’re not sure you hear us name we pray,

Amen…and GO DAWGS!