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Editor’s note: we’re thrilled to have Royce Smith, Jr., son of UGA All-American Royce Smith (who played for Vince Dooley) guest blog on Pretty Southern. Now onto the prayer. Let’s Go Dawgs!

Dear Majestic Little Creator of Everything Holy and the rest of the stuff not related to Georgia Football,

You might have heard of me Baby Jesus seeing my dad, Royce Sr, was a great All American offensive lineman at Georgia and now lives with you.

UGA All American Royce Smith football card
Royce Smith’s UGA football card

Maybe I have come up in conversation over dinner? Either way, you know I’ve been bleeding red and black since I was a baby bulldog, right Jesus? Anyway, Prayer Deacon Jenn is off doing your work down in Florida and I have been entrusted with the most holy of holies…. The Gameday Prayer.

1971 Gator Bowl UGA win Royce Smith

Royce Smith and Vince Dooley with the Gator Bowl trophy in 1971

First, I’d like to say thank you Mighty Christ Child for that glorious win last Saturday over Notre Dame. Leading all your people in red up North was a sight to see and rewarding them with a W was simply amazing!! Those poor Yankees must have been awfully terrified by all that barking! We even marched through their baseball stadium the night before. HOW ‘BOUT THEM DAWGS?!

Royce Smith accepts his dad's award for being inducted into Georgia's Circle of Honor

Royce Smith, with UGA Athletic Director Greg McGarity, when his father was inducted into Georgia’s Circle of Honor

Well, Great Leader, the Holy War continues this week with the Baptist Bulldogs of Samford. Lord, I feel I don’t really need to pray for a victory because no other bulldog is going to come between our blessed hedges this week or next and leave with a win. I pray more for the health of our warriors in silver britches.

Royce Smith UGA Bulldog statue Athens

Royce Smith with one of the iconic UGA Bulldog statues in Athens

Lord, please give our boys the mental strength to stay focused and sharp. Keep Chubb’s knees strong and protect lil Jake in the pocket. Let our defense stay aggressive and stout. I even hope our newly scholarshiped kicker gets tired from so many extra points he will have. With your help, General Kirby will have them ready for battle.

I know those FCS Bulldogs will probably use dirty tactics with their coach, Chris Hatcher. I bet he is trying to play mind games with ol’ Kirby right now with an, “I use to be your Boss” text. It won’t help though, cause the Bulldogs of Athens are going to be hungry tonight.

Little Sovereign Savior, may the first down chains move like your spirit and let the bell ring in Athens tonight!!

Please tell my old man I said hi. AMEN and GO DAWGS!!!

Sanford Stadium UGA Athens Georgia football
Royce Smith with his son at Sanford Stadium in Athens

About Royce Smith
Born and raised in the south, Royce Smith, Jr. is a former US Marine who now oversees Avionics Operations at Phoenix Air, an international aircraft service company headquartered in Northwest Georgia. When he’s not rooting for the Dawgs you can find him scaring lightweights at the gym, smoking pork butts for his family and friends, or feeding Cayman eels in the wild.