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Editor’s note: we’re thrilled to have Royce Smith, Jr., son of UGA All-American Royce Smith (who played for Vince Dooley) guest blog on Pretty Southern. Now onto the prayer. Let’s Go Dawgs!

Royce’s wife and kids on Vandy’s field. It sure ain’t Sanford Stadium

Dear Mighty Creator of the Pigskin and Precious Protector of the Hedges,

First off, what a game last week! I believe our boys exorcised some demons on those Volunteers. We broke their nose in 2001, but last Saturday we broke their spirit. Old Smokey didn’t even get close enough to sniff the end zone! I just know you will forgive them for all that orange Baby Jesus, but if not, maybe a sacrificial offering of Butch Jones will do the trick? I know sacrifices aren’t really your thing anymore, but just throwing out an idea!


This year’s team is really on a roll and I’m reminded of a Psalm from your good book: “Through You we will push back our adversaries; Through Your name we will trample down those who rise up against us.” How ‘bout them DAWGS!! If you to bet on your teams, sites like online wedden would allow you to do it with the ease of convenience.


Well Great Provider, today we continue our march through the state of Tennessee, next stop Nashville. You know Little Savior, where the lost Commodores are still looking for the ocean pretending to play football this year? Speaking of Commodores, did you know what we call a Commodore now? Yes, I giggle too, when I say it out loud. A Rear Admiral Lower Half! I guess it’s only fitting seeing those ‘Dores are the gatekeepers to the lower half of the SEC.

I understand you are showing pity on Vandy by making this a noon game. Good call, Wise Infant Ruler! Best to go ahead and get this over with. With your guidance, I know Chubb and Sony will pave the way for our offense and I pray you continue to put ice in the veins of our defense. Let our quarterbacks be true with their spirals and our kicker split the upright with ease. Fill General Kirby with the fire and guidance of your Holy Spirit so he will have YOUR team raring to go!

As always, Little Sovereign Savior, may the first down chains move like your spirit and let the bell ring back in Heav- I mean Athens, tonight!!

Amen and Go DAWGS!!