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Dear 8 lb 9 oz Darling Deity,

Oh God, thank you for the University of Georgia and the city of Athens. You truly designed Heaven on Earth.
UGA arch Athens Georgia
Lord, because you are all-knowing, you know what was in this angsty girl’s heart struggling growing up as a kid who never quite fit in. While I foolishly thought I should go out of state for college, you heavenly Father knew what was in my best interest (like you always do).

UGA at Oxford Homecoming Athens Georgia
Alpha & Omega, you showed the grace for which makes you God and blessed me with admittance to the glorious institution that is UGA. For that, Lord, I am eternally grateful. Thank you for blessing me as a Georgia Bulldog…and my sister, Mandy too.

Pretty Southern sisters Sanford Stadium UGA Athens Georgia
Thank you, sweet Jesus, for blessing me with so many fine college friends who have become lifelong Bulldog buddies.

Red and black homecoming UGA athens
Today, Jesus, your faithful worshippers make the annual pilgrimage to Athens for Homecoming. We are truly fortunate to have this opportunity to come home, Lord.

UGA at Oxford Homecoming Athens Georgia
Athens is one of the most beautiful places in the South. Despite everything going on in this crazy world, we can forget our troubles for one day and simply enjoy being home.
The Red and Black sign Boarshead Athens UGA

And Lord, we cannot say thank you enough for our 2017 season thus far. 6-0, sweet Jesus! You have lifelong Georgia fans who can barely recall times this good for our Dawgs.

Thank you for giving us Kirby Smart, and all our boys in the silver britches.

We sure are proud of this Bulldog football team, God. Please keep our boys safe against Missouri. Considering our luck with Mizzou before (and having botched Homecoming games in the past) some fans may have had trepidation about facing the Tigers in the past. Lord, we all know this year is different.

Identity from Georgia Football on Vimeo.

On this Homecoming, we sing glory, glory to ole Georgia. Thank you for your countless blessings and all the goodness of the Classic City.

Amen and Go Dawgs!