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Editor’s note: we’re thrilled to have Royce Smith, Jr., son of UGA All-American Royce Smith (who played for Vince Dooley) guest blog on Pretty Southern. Now onto the prayer. Let’s Go Dawgs!

Dear Little Holy Savior watching over your heavenly fields,

Lord, everyone knows you live where the angel Ugas roam because all dogs go to heaven, and no one ever said that about gators.
Royce Smith UGA Georgia vs. Florida #GoDawgs #UGAvsUF

I feel like the first seven games of the season are a distant memory after our bye week. It’s almost like the real season is about to begin today in Jacksonville!

Baby Jesus, I have to confess the Munson in me is saying there’s no way our Bulldogs can stay focused and fired up today—that we are just bound to trip up and lose. But then I remember you brought the prodigal son Kirby back home to the Holy Land and my heart fills with joy.

Kirby left home to dance with the Devil in Alabama and learned all his tricks!

Now Coach Smart (because he really is) will use them for your glory and bring the people of Athens what they have truly been longing for: a Championship!! GO DAWGS!!!

Tiny Lord, those creatures from the swamp are coming ashore on the banks of the St. John’s River and it’s our job to send them back to that dirty lil’ hole in Gainesville.
Florida Gator Hate

Gators are gross! Courtesy of our Pretty Southern contributor, Mandy Morgan.

Florida’s coach, Jim McElwain is just about to lose it. After that whole shark incident over the summer and his players suspended for credit card fraud, can you blame him? Listening to him talk this week is almost as bad as Butch Jones! He can barely hold a press conference without blurting out some nonsense about death threats.

Obviously, there is fear in Coach McElwain’s heart because he knows what is coming down the track, it’s the mean machine in red and black! Kirby is driving your train down from the Classic City, and it’s full of some of the strongest warriors in the land!

Georgia rush filed Jacksonville 2007 #UGAvsUF #GoDawgs

Throwback to Georgia vs. Florida in 2007 when the Bulldogs rushed the field in Jacksonville.

Your Disciples in Silver Britches are eager to end this three-year plague of the gators. May you keep our lines strong, the backs hungry for your touchdown glory, and Fromm’s arm well oiled! Allow our defense to show no mercy on these filthy reptiles. Watch over Coach Kirby and the team with your commanding spirit.

UGA Coach Erk Russell

Another throwback to UGA coach Erk Russell who started the mantra “Junkyard Dawgs”

Also, I’ll go ahead and ask for forgiveness for the property damage that will happen tonight!

As always, Little Sovereign Savior, may the first down chains move like your spirit and let the bell ring back in Athens, tonight!!!
Royce Smith UGA Dori Broome Smith Jacksonville #UGAvsUF

One last throwback to Royce and his lovely wife, Dori, in Jacksonville. Talk about a match made in heaven!

Lord, let us roll over the Gators, truly drain the swamp, and keep marching on to an SEC Championship!

Amen and Go DAWGS!!!