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Josh Wakefield was named to JEZEBEL Magazine’s Most Beautiful Atlantans for 2017

Most Beautiful Atlanta Josh Wakefield
Josh poses with Michelle Stegall and Erin Alvey for JEZEBEL’s Most Beautiful Atlantans

Quick disclaimer: I’ve had a blast getting to know Josh over the past 18 months. We work together at Terminus, one of the fastest growing startups in Atlanta. Josh is also a fellow University of Georgia grad (#GoDawgs!) and we were part of the same program at the UGA Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication.

We were all so excited to see Josh making JEZEBEL’s Most Beautiful Atlantans for 2017, especially since he’s only 24!

Josh Wakefield Krog Street Bridge Atlanta

Josh poses under the Krog Street bridge in Atlanta

Josh was born in Atlanta and then moved to Chattanooga, Tenn., when he was a kid. He’s the epitome of a gentleman and a shining representation of Southern hospitality at his finest. Josh, if your folks are reading this post, they did an amazing job 🙂

Recently, Josh did a photo shoot in Atlanta with photographer John Paul Van Wert. Josh was kind enough to pen a few words about his Pretty Southern life and why he loves Atlanta.

josh wakefield downtown atlanta "made in the south"

“Since birth, Atlanta has always been in my blood.”

Even after moving to Tennessee as a young kid, I always found myself back in the ATL. After graduating from the University of Georgia Atlanta was at the top of my list of cities to start my career. What better time is there to move to the “Hollywood of the South”?

Atlanta Isn't Perfect Sign Downtown Josh Wakefield

To quote Drake “I’m just more ready than petty nowadays”. This is an era where we are more “young and in control” than ever.

The city is booming with new developments, new young talent, new everything! There are so many opportunities here to help young professionals like myself become titans of industry.

Take my company Terminus’s fearless leader & CEO Eric Spett. He seized the opportunities created by the city and his network within it and found his niche. Now he is the CEO at one of the top 10 places to work in Atlanta at the age of 29.

Josh Wakefield Atlanta graffiti

“The possibilities in this great city of Atlanta are endless.”

Speaking of endless, there’s an insane number of dope activities you can get into because the ATL is always bumpin’.

You could go Downtown and see live music at the Tabernacle, or grab a coffee from Switchyards Club (where the “Atlanta isn’t perfect” & “Made with soul in Atlanta” signs are) and take a walk around Olympic park right down the street for a more chill vibe. Not too mention watch the most exciting teams in the country play in Mercedes Benz Stadium and Phillips Arena a couple blocks over.

Downtown Atlanta patio Josh Wakefield

You could catch a ride over to Krog Street (graffiti picture) for some cool art, or walk across the Jackson Street bridge (skyline picture) to catch an incredible view of the city skyline.

Visit the Virginia Highlands, Buckhead, Decatur, Midtown; boredom doesn’t exist in this city. Just like Terminus’s former office location, an incubator known as the Atlanta Tech Village, ATL is an incubator as well creating jobs and experiences for the personal improvements of its citizens.

Jackson Street Bridge Atlanta skyline Josh Wakefield

No matter where my life takes me I will always be in love with the city of Atlanta and all of the people in it.

What do you find most beautiful about Atlanta? Let us know in the comments section below!