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“The Devil went down to Georgia,
He was looking for a soul to steal”

“He was in a bind, ’cause he was way behind,
He was willing to make a deal”

On Tuesday, Jan. 2, President Donald Trump tweeted about how his nuclear arsenal rivaled North Korea’s. On Wednesday, Jan. 3, he decided to attend the college football national championship.

There is enough circumstantial evidence to decide that Trump is unstable, and a menace to society.

Trump is willing to do anything at this point to divert attention from his complete ineptitude. Between the Mueller investigation, Michael Wolff’s book launching, and all the other shit he’s trying to sweep under the rug, he’s in a big ole bind. Whoever on his team thought “oh let’s send him to ‘Trumpland’ for Georgia vs. Alabama” what a completely asinine idea.

I am uncomfortable with this situation, and y’all should be, too.

“Cause hell’s broke loose in Georgia and the Devil deals the cards”

Atlanta already has a target on its back because of the CDC.

Trump hauling Air Force One down here is like a fat fucking bullseye for disaster.

We still don’t know how our city and Georgia Power are going to prevent another blackout from happening at the world’s busiest airport, but Trump doesn’t give a shit about that.

Atlanta traffic was already going to be bad with 72,000 people attending the game, not to mention the fact it’s a Monday. Schools and local government offices may be closed due to “inclement weather” but we’ll still have more than a million other people on the road.

In 2015, when Vice President Joe Biden rolled through during rush hour, I got stuck on Peachtree Street waiting for the motorcade to pass. That shit was awful. I probably sat parked in Midtown for more than half an hour.

But shit y’all, Trump doesn’t care about the rest of us and the impact his presence will have on our city.

“Fire on the Mountain, run, boys, run!”

Lest we forget, it was almost one year ago that Trump gaslit Atlanta with tweets trolling Rep. John Lewis.

But when you’re losing your damn mind, your short-term memory is shot so we’ll see what the old Trumpster fire tweets this time

“The Devil’s in the house of the rising sun”

In July 2016, Trump held a rally at The Fox Theatre where Vince Dooley and Herschel Walker endorsed the man for president. I haven’t been able to look at these men as heroes of the Bulldog Nation ever since. They tarnished themselves.

One of the purest parts about 2017 was the beauty of the University of Georgia’s football season. The Dawgs are going to our first National Championship in a millennial’s lifetime. Yours truly and our pals at Pretty Southern weren’t even born the last time Georgia was declared the best team in the country. Trump’s bloated ass is literally tainting this game.

Trump is not a president — he is a charlatan with enough brand recognition and influence to be used by more powerful, wealthy and evil people to hijack our country’s democratic process. I will not stay silent about this shit any longer.

We the people expect better. Shit y’all, we were calling for Coach Mark Richt to be fired after losing a few games, and he’s a great man. But Trump can threaten North Korea with nuclear war and we still haven’t shoved his ass out the gotdamn door?!

Trump is neither Southern nor hospitable, and we should give him no quarter. He is an enemy of the state. He insulted my home. Trump is a Damn Yankee.

“I done told you once, you son of a bitch, I’m the best there’s ever been”

Trump, you are not welcome in this city. The resistance can’t stop you from coming, but we can call ‘foul!’ as loud as possible. There was a brief moment where I considered not watching this game out of protest (resist fully or not at all) but then I was reminded that I am a Bulldog in more ways than one.

I bleed red and black, and my heart loves the red, white and blue.

The Bulldog Nation is woke as fuck. We ain’t going back to sleep.

Whatever this event may bring, we are ready for it.


Editor’s note – image created by Radio Valenica, found via Google. Lyrics from Charlie Daniels Band