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Dearest family, friends, and members of the Pretty Southern squad:

Hope all is merry and bright in your world. This has certainly been a wild year. Lord knows we’ve all been through a lot (some more than others) but we’ve stuck through it together. That’s just what we do šŸ™‚

It’s crazy to think it was almost six months ago when I first letĀ y’all know what I was up to with theĀ Pretty Southern novel stories.

I was neither expecting a job change, nor the crazy timewarp that seemed to happen from football season through the holidays; but here we are, at nearlyĀ the end of another trip around the sun, and there is still so much work to do.

All I can say is thank you. Thanks for your continued support as I try to balance workingĀ + writing + everything else. It only seems fair to let y’all know there is a plan in place, and if anyone is interested in checking out the master outline, I’ll happily share it.

But first…

I’veĀ published the epilogue, the end of the first “part” of the Pretty Southern saga. After Macy and Campbell’s wedding,Ā Macy’s daddy, Randy, gets indicted on charges of running a pyramid scheme.Ā 

For something different, I put on my reporter’s cap and wroteĀ Randy Cunninghamā€™s Crimes & Conviction. Shoutout to Rachel Boyd for her copy editing/review + legal eagle Harry Dixon III for sharing his knowledge of white-collar financial crimes.

I’ve also published a couple other PS stories, none of which are quite right, but here they are for your consideration:
Grace Cunningham Falls in Love with the Boy Next Door
Georgia Katharine Cunningham ā€“ The ā€œLiā€™l Liberalā€
The Night Macy Got EngagedĀ + theĀ Pretty Southern Character Guide

Your thoughts and feedback are much welcome and appreciated as this is still very much a work-in-progress.

Fingers crossed I hope to get something big published before the end of this year so I (once again) don’t enter a new year feeling like a failure for not having finished this novel. Today, fearing I’ll once again fail, I was reminded of this marvelous quote fromĀ It’s a Wonderful Life:Ā 

“Remember, no man is a failure who has friends.”

Thank you so much, dear reader, for always being there.

LoveĀ y’allĀ and happiest of holidays,