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Once upon a time, in 2018, hearts across the Bulldog nation broke

After a battle of a National Championship game in which the Dawgs led for most of playtime, Bama came back for Saban to win another one of his God-knows-how-many titles.

The next morning, a rainy day in January, it felt like the entire state of Georgia was in mourning. So instead of rehashing all those feelings of disappointment—especially with what happened at the SEC Championship in December—over here at Pretty Southern, we decided to pivot to positivity.

Taking down Christmas decorations this weekend, it hit me to craft a little poem, inspired by “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Just a little something to inspire y’all as we brace for this game.

Hairy Dawg UGA #GoDawgs

And now Pretty Southern is proud to present,’Twas the Night Before the National Championship

‘Twas the National Championship, when all through the South;
Not a Bulldog was bragging, not even the loudest mouth

After eating oranges over Michigan on New Year’s Eve;
No one forgot what happened with Bama back in 2018

Even with season failures to teams like Auburn and A&M;
The Red & Black nation braced for Saban to beat us again

The Dawgs up in Indy were tucked in their hotel beds;
While visions of winning danced in their sweet heads

Our boys in silver britches, and Coach Kirby in his cap,
Said this was not the year to mess up another snap

When out on the field there arose such a clatter,
We sprang from our seats to see what was the matter.

Away to the end zone, Stetson threw like a flash,
Our offense showed up, and will continue to bash

Jordan Davis holds our defense in his 6-foot-6 power
We all know now was the time for UGA’s finest hour

Because what did our scorned hearts most fear?
But Bama once again crawling up on our rear

Memories of past upsets came flushing back,
We held onto hope we could thwart this attack

Our coaches will watch ardently calling this game,
They’ll holler, and shout, and praise them by name:

“Now, Bennet! Now, Davis! Now Bowers, and Dean!
Go Kendrick! Go Young! Saban don’t be so mean!

To the top of the scoreboard! Let’s tear down this wall!
Now pass away! Dash away! Score touchdowns for all!”

We know in our hearts this team can carry us so high,
And Larry in heaven sayin’ “sugar’s fallin’ from the sky”

So up in the rankings, our Bulldogs had flown,
We can’t handle another season that wasn’t our own

And in just a few more hours, we’ll have final proof
If Saban is really the devil, and that’s the real truth

The Bulldog Nation does believe this win can do down;
Even if it’s been 40 years since we won our last crown

Hairy Dawg is ready to rock, all lit up for his team
With UGA ten, our “Que” ready to smile and beam

Millions will be watching, our Dawgs are back,
And ready to prove we are the mightiest of a pack

Our rings, how they can twinkle! Our trophy, so merry!
The winners won’t be in crimson, but red like a cherry!

Saban’s curt ‘lil mouth will yell, frown, and then pout
His nickname is ‘bug zapper’ for when his eyes do pop-out

The stumps of his legs carry up to grimacing teeth
We can only pray this game will end with a wreath;

Around his protégé Kirby’s neck, cementing his place
As one of the greatest coaches, filled with much grace

Our coach is a bit chubby and plump, but after COVID, who ain’t?
We have to laugh at ourselves, because this isn’t for the faint

Coming from a tough few years, we’re ready for a win
Because what better way for this new year to begin?

So now it’s game time, for the Dawgs to finish their work
And we’re all done with the critics, so don’t be a jerk

And so we close our thumbs to form into a fist,
Our right arms are flexed, and curled at the wrist

To commence the kickoff comes the sound of a whistle;
That stadium will rock, and every fan will bristle

The Bulldog Nation will cry from the roof