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My dad Bill Morgan passed away on July 17, 2022. Everything I learned about business – from my work ethic to how to get into the Delta SkyClub – I got from him.

Here he is pictured with our dog, Indiana Jones, at Thanksgiving. He loved that little dog of mine so much. I can only pray that Dad and Jonesy found each other on the other side.

Bill Morgan Georgia eulogy

Dad’s #1 strength was being an Achiever. He loved making President’s Club and the trips he and my mom got to take as a reward.

He was on a mission to provide for us, and that meant winning big deals. The good years would mean vacations at the beach or leaning how to ski in Breckenridge.

And we all bemoaned the stress of what a bad quarter would mean. One of the reasons that as a marketer I’m so supportive of my counterparts in Sales is because of him.

He was the dad who would fly home late to coach soccer the next day. He was the dad who would take off on a Friday for Girl Scout camping trips, or to drive us to college tours.

He was the dad who moved us countless times into the dorm, sorority house, apartments, and eventually into my own house. He came over that first week to transplant hostas from his yard.

He was the dad who paid for what the HOPE scholarship didn’t cover so my sister and I didn’t have to pay for college like he did. He was the dad who paid for our weddings so we wouldn’t have to.

He was the dad who pushed me to do my best, who helped me find my first job after UGA, and who gave me a safe place to land when I was learning how to spread my wings.

And in the last 15 years of my professional career, he was my biggest cheerleader. He was who I turned to with good news about a job win, or when I needed counsel on a bad day.

He was always my coach, my champion. He did everything a dad was supposed to do.

So Rest In Peace, Daddy Bill. I hope heaven is an oceanfront golf course where dogs are allowed and every drive is a hole-in-one.

We love you. Always ❤️

Dad’s full obituary is available here. Donations can be made in his memory to Trinity Community Ministries.