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If y’all loved our post Words Only Southerners Say then you’ll love Sh%t Southern Women Say. As it’s Pretty Southern’s mission to ask the question “What does it mean to be a Southerner in the 21st century?” we were tickled to discover this video by Julia Fowler. This /Writer/Producer/Dancer/Choreographer/Pilates Instructor/Actor/Chi Omega from the University of South Carolina cast three of her pals from Mississippi, South Carolina and Louisiana for their first collaborative You Tube Video.

Of course, like real Southern ladies, these gals can “funnel a beer” and drink Jack Daniels like gentlemen do. There’s also some curse words in here, but they sound so much sweeter with a Southern accent. Now this is why we love the South! Some of our favorite quotes from this video are “my mama is drivin’ me crazy” and “my daddy is gonna kill you” plus enough “durn”, “damn,” “sweetie pie,” and “bless your heart” to keep you smilin’ all week. Let us know your favorite quote in the comment section below.

Editor’s Note: the above image of Bryce Dallas Howard as Hilly Holbrook is a stock photo we accessed during our interview with “The Help” and not to be reproduced.