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Southern Women Sayings

The lovely ladies of Sh%t Southern Women Say are back and better than ever!

The power of presence these ladies have on social media is pretty incredible. Within 12 hours of posting Episode 6 to YouTube, the video got more than 25,000 hits! I first heard from the lovely Julia Fowler around 9 a.m. EST that the newest episode of Sh%t Southern Women Say was up, and it had 960 hits. When I checked again around 8:45 p.m. this video had 25,830 views. This pales in comparison to the original Sh%t Southern Women Say which now has 6.7 million views!

Episode 6 features the stellar original cast of Julia Fowler, Kat Bailess, Delaine Yates and Sheila Hawkins, plus a special guest appearance from Arkansas girl Chasity Duffie.

Here are our Top 6 Southern Sayings in Episode 6:

  1. “Poor old Bernie Sanders hair stands forty ways to Sunday.”
  2. “Now that Donald Trump would make a humdinger of a president.”
  3. “Poor old Hilary Clinton is always smack dab in the middle of some kind of drama.”
  4. “It won’t open because you’re not holding your mouth right.”
  5. “I can’t like that on Facebook. My mama might see it.”
  6. “He’s about as useless as a cup of decaf.”

Not to mention there are plenty of “bless her heart” moments. See for yourself! Here’s Episode 6 of Sh%t Southern Women Say.

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Be sure to keep up with the Southern Women Channel on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. What are your favorite Southern women comments in this video?