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The lovely ladies at The Southern Women Channel have whipped up another video masterpiece with The Dixie Download. After their first video, Sh&t Southern Women Say, went viral with more than 5 million hits on YouTube, the former Southern girls who now reside in L.A. have started a regular YouTube series. My personal favorite lines from their latest installment include “What’s a Southern man’s idea of loading the dishwasher?” all of the “Dixie Dixtionary”, plus this joke “What’s smaller than a teeny weeny ant?”

Watch now for the answer.

We enjoyed our helping of Southern Sass! Southern girls really are taking the world (or at least the internet) by storm. It’s a small world because in the summer of 2007, I interviewed Georgia-native Logan Browning when she was promoting her Bratz movie. She now stars in the VH1 series “Hit the Floor” with fellow Southern belle, Katherine Bailess

The fabulous Julia Fowler – writer and director of Sh%t Southern Women Say, has a few updates for y’all on the success of the Southern Women Channel:

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