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Southern Women Sayings

The lovely ladies of Sh%t Southern Women Say are back and better than ever! This episode features the stellar original cast of Julia Fowler, Kat Bailess, Delaine Yates and Sheila Hawkins, plus a special guest appearance from Alabama native, Kim Kendall (and holy sh%t girl you are so funny). We did miss our Georgia girl, Logan Browning, in this episode and hope to hear from her soon. In the meantime, here are our Top 5 Southern Sayings in Episode 5:

  1. “Always be aware when you’ve had a gracious plenty.”
  2. “She’s got more issues than Better Homes & Gardens.”
  3. “He’s so dumb it took him three days to study for a urine test.”
  4. “The woman is always cussin’ or cryin’.”
  5. “The higher the heels the lower the morals.”

See for yourself! Here’s Episode 5 of Sh%t Southern Women Say

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