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Brooke Ryan Charleston

Yours truly and the fabulous Brooke Ryan in Charleston

We recently broke the internet in Charleston after one of our bloggers let lose the wrath of a woman scorned by the Holy City. We didn’t mean for the post to go viral, but we ended up with more than 80,000 hits over one week. Much of the traffic can be credited to social media and the hosts of the radio morning show 2 Girls and a Guy at Mix 96. Brooke Ryan from the program was kind enough to meet up for cocktails and conversation to catch up on what happened since Pretty Southern rocked the boat in Charleston. The fabulous folks at Charleston’s Mixology Tour hosted us for the afternoon. We started at Prohibition, then went to The Cocktail Club, and ended at Republic.

Howling Wolf Cocktail Prohibition Charleston

The Howling Wolf at Prohibition

Cocktail Club Charleston

Tequila with watermelon-ginger beer foam and spices at The Cocktail Club

Spanish Galleon Republic Charleston

Ingredients for the Spanish Galleon at Republic

As our happy hour progressed through Charleston, I started to fill Brooke in on what’s happened at Pretty Southern since our post went viral. It turns out, dreams do come true. She filled in her loyal listeners the next morning on her radio program, and you can listen to the clip below.

Thanks again to Brooke, Mix 96, and Charleston’s Mixology Tour for an awesome afternoon of cocktails and conversation. We can’t wait to come back again soon.