Gone With the Wind Poster #GWTW
January 18, 2015 Featured

In honor of the 75th anniversary of “Gone With the Wind”, our pal and fellow journalist Abby Westcott designed this amazing illustration. This iconic scene is when Rhett Butler sweeps Scarlett O’Hara into an embrace although she’s mourning the death of her first husband, Charles Hamilton. “You should be kissed often, and by someone who… Read more »

Before I Go book
January 12, 2015 Featured

When I first heard that a journalist from Atlanta published her first novel, “You go girl!” was my first reaction, as I’ve been slacking on finishing my own book. I started reading up on Colleen Oakley and her first novel “Before I Go”, then my pal from UGA’s Grady college — now editor of Eide… Read more »

Empire State Building Christmas
January 11, 2015 Featured Travel

Bless my mother’s heart because she’d never been to New York City. This past Christmas, we decided to surprise Momma with a trip to NYC. Since I had a limited amount of vacation days, we decided to maximize this trip as best we could. We left on Friday around lunchtime and came back early Monday… Read more »

pretty southern girl lauren patrick
December 31, 2014 Featured

2014 has been the best year yet for PrettySouthern.com. We have so much to be thankful for, especially you – dear reader. Thank you for coming along as we noshed, sipped, and strolled throughout the South. In Atlanta, our home town, the blogosphere continues to grow and we were privileged to join both the Atlanta… Read more »

Scarlett O'Hara Eyebrows
December 9, 2014 Featured Opinion

When most people think of “Gone With the Wind,” they think of Vivien Leigh’s tiny waist, “I will never go hungry again,” the curtain dress or Clark Gable’s gorgeous self. There are so many moments that have made their marks on our minds. But when I think of “Gone With the Wind,” the first word… Read more »

Popover BLT Steak
December 5, 2014 Featured

To celebrate the culmination of the South’s favorite season, BLT Steak Atlanta has expertly crafted specialty cocktails just in time for the big game at the Georgia Dome. SEC fans can cheers to Alabama with the Crimson Spice and toast to Missouri with The Tiger. Infused for 72 hours, the Crimson Spice combines Jack Daniels… Read more »